Governance & housekeeping


Dr Susie Hunt is overseen by a Council of Reference which comprises up to three senior clinicians involved in the pastoral & professional support and appraisal of clinical staff in CUH and the wider medical community.
She engages in regular external review of work activity levels/caseload and personal wellbeing with annual appraisal.  A 360 degree feedback exercise will be performed every 3 years if requested by the Trust. Susie engages in documented, reflective CPD activity. She will be accountable to the Departmental Lead to which she is providing freelance services eg. Associate Director of Workforce, Clinical Director, Department Lead.
A Report of Wellbeing & Debrief activity
regarding numbers per session, general areas/subjects covered, and number of 1:1 sessions conducted (detailing any onward referral data) will be compiled on a six-monthly basis. Any other data collection – eg. outcome survey, burnout survey data collection wanted by the department will require discussion and prior agreement.
Susie engages in regular clinical supervision with BACP accredited, registered therapist & counsellor.

Insurance/Indemnity & Professional Registration

Dr Susie Hunt has professional indemnity and public liability cover, is registered with the GMC and continues as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the College of Health Care Chaplains and the union: Unite.

Stakeholders & Relationships

Care is taken on receipt of all referrals and requests that services provided are complimentary, synergistic and, wherever possible, integrated with other CUH providers eg Chaplaincy, Human Resources/Personnel, in pursuit of the greater good of Trust staff and patients.

Triage, Onward Referral & Escalation of Care

Appropriate assessment is made in 1:1 sessions/debrief group sessions of a staff member’s need to be referred for specialist assessment/care; clinical leads are notified and appropriate timely steps taken to ensure the staff member’s well being and safety.


Confidentiality is upheld regarding subjects discussed during one-to-one and group sessions, except in instances where the health or safety of the staff member(s) or other persons is at risk.  

Sessional Rates

Please contact Susie for discussion of requirements.


Expansion of the team. Addition of others of a similar skill mix and experience to the Doctors-for Doctors team is constantly under responsive review.