“I have found Susie’s support in the Consultant safety net invaluable in providing and facilitating a safe space for all sorts of conversations, which would never have happened if she had not been there.
The ability to offer team debriefs after difficult patient/relative interactions has also been extremely helpful for our team, and just knowing that that support is there makes it easier to carry on. And the cake is great too… “
Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

All the themes we have explored as a group, I have found personally and professionally unbelievably helpful. The relaxing setting and the interaction with colleagues in a “safe space” has proved to be uplifting and energising.
Consultant Radiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

The opportunity to speak freely in a safe environment to colleagues I would not otherwise see, has been very helpful -. the sharing of common experience is equivalent to sharing a burden. It provided an ‘excuse’ to step away from work for a short period in what was a departmentally sanctioned exercise. To take an hour out of work at lunchtime otherwise would currently feel transgressive.
Consultant Radiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

“For the first time since becoming a consultant, I find we have been given a space and the permission in our busy working days to sit down and drink and have lovely homemade cake, in a room where you have brought flowers….just to chat with a colleague we don’t normally get to see and with the opportunity and encouragement to open up and share issues- big and small. The friendliness of the space cannot be overestimated. We simply have never had this before. On a personal level as this week saw – it helped me no end to know that you understand the stresses of being a Dr, colleague interactions within the NHS, as well as your skill pastorally……”
Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrookes Hospital

“Having our registrar debriefing group and the consultants’ safetynet group, which have been so excellently facilitated by Dr Susie Hunt, has made the department a more supportive place to work. I miss it so much now I am in Colchester!”
Oncology Registrar, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

– ‘Susie has provided an open space, time for confidence-building, self-reflection, building team dynamics and chance to express personal emotional load associated directly with the complexity of stroke survivors we are working with – Thank you Susie for what a difference you have made.’
– “Excellent supportive safe and kind environment to openly share vulnerability, concerns and worries with a group of staff who understand. To have the group led by a clinical member of staff is hugely beneficial.
A time away from the ward to get to know the team as humans not just clinicians”
– “Brilliant suggestions to develop communication strategies. Excellent resource to build and empower staff to manage stressful work”
– “I feel this opportunity has been invaluable in giving us as a team time and space to tackle some tricky issues which we would otherwise not have had an opportunity to do so. I feel these sessions are invaluable on so many levels and wish we had had them sooner.”

Physiotherapists – CUH Medical/DME/Stroke Rehab teams

“Although I enjoy my work as Lead Physiotherapist at the Lewin Rehab Unit and R2, there is a large emotional burden of working within hospitals…..the daily pressures for all teams, the responsibility to our patients to ensure they have the appropriate treatment in times of short staff and external pressures. The pressure from patients, families and staff of their expectations of rehabilitation. At the end of a long day it is often difficult to acknowledge that we have worked our hardest and done all we can and avoid taking the emotional concerns home with us………
Susie has come to our team to offer time to reflect as a team away from the ward environment. This support has offered us time to think, acknowledge and support ourselves and each other to continue to do our best for our patients and teams. We have used the time to talk through difficult MDT discussions, challenging meetings, complex patient communications and discharges.
It has allowed us to step back and learn from each other how best to communicate within stressful and challenging environments, how to understand each other more and strategies to acknowledge how hard our work is but how hard we have worked! The time with Susie has been invaluable to support staff within this acute environment and has empowered us all (even those who initially were more sceptical!!) to openly acknowledge the daily challenges and to work together in a very supportive and positive environment.”
Senior Physiotherapist Acute Stroke and Neuro Rehabilitation, R2 and Lewin Wards
Operational Clinical AHP Lead for Stroke/Neuro Rehab Addenbrooke’s Hospital

“These monthly debrief meetings really are a ‘safety net’ – they make us stop for 45 minutes, draw breath and relax, talk and laugh with each other… Reflective debrief has made me realise that I am not alone and that I am supported by wonderful colleagues, whom I can support in turn.
This would not have been possible without the brilliant, but gentle facilitation from Susie Hunt. She has made a tremendous difference to the quality of our busy and often stressful working lives.”
Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

“At the monthly Safetynet group, this is what we enjoy…..non-intrusive, nurturing of relationships with colleagues, making time for one another…. this makes for a stronger and more resilient team and  I, for one, feel more equipped to cope with the daily stresses that work brings….”
Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Thank you for all the support, kindness .and cake(!) you have been providing us with over the past few months. If I’m honest, I was a little unsure about the format at first and felt a bit of a fraud for moaning about feeling undervalued and overworked (in comparison to the paediatricians, oncologists and neurologists!). But I was surprised by how helpful and relevant I found the sessions and by the difference they have made to our working environment. I’ve think I’ve seen a different side to some of the people I work with (in a good way!).
Radiology trainee ST3, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

I just wanted to write to you personally and say thank you so much for these sessions, I have really valued them….
Radiology trainee ST4, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Thanks again for yesterday’s session. We really value our debriefs – I hope you know how grateful we all are!
Neurology Registrar, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Just to say a huge thank you for your contribution to last month’s ST1-3 paediatric study day. As you can see from the attached feedback chart and comments below, the trainees really valued your debrief session. So thank you very much for supporting the day.
ST5 Paediatric Trainee, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Having Susie once a month for Paediatric trainee debrief really does change the atmosphere after handover. She does a great job.
ST3 Paediatric Trainee, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Spending time discussing our problems with you was very useful – I think in radiology we all develop our technical/analytic skills to a high degree, but our interpersonal skills/empathy can at times be neglected – these are skills which you were able to bring to the discussion and reinforce their importance in a valuable and non-patronising way
Consultant Radiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

The one to one session I had with you was very much appreciated and allowed me to understand the steps I needed to take to improve my mental state.
Consultant Radiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

I consider myself fortunate to have been part of a debrief group with some great colleagues who have both listened and provided different perspectives on problems. I particularly appreciated the “safe” aspect of the setting and lack of political gaming / agendas (a daily occurrence in my working day).
Consultant Radiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

– “It’s really nice to talk with the whole team to everyone’s perspective on topics- balances out any bias or cliché”
– “It’s good to hear other points of view on the subject”
-“The ‘coming together’ of the team once a month where we are free to talk about our thoughts and share with others and learning from colleagues aswell”
– “Helpful to find that we share common thoughts and feelings regardless of experience and grade”
– “Helps me understand better my feelings and concerns”
– An open space to be honest
– A safe space to share thoughts/feelings; sharing feelings with the team – these are topics that we do not talk about in the office – Increases strength and bonding within the team
– Ability to openly discuss ‘issues’
– To discuss off work topics and enhance mood and team understanding
– Strategies of coping with difficult patients/relatives
– Decluttering my thoughts and filling myself with positive stuff
– “We have been shown great simple ways of ongoing de-stressing and coping through the month – very useful to the whole team”
– Techniques for communicating effectively
– Using different methods of thinking to talk over issues
– Time to discuss difficult situations
– Relevance to our job/profession
– De-stress and pause time
-“I feel very relaxed after sessions – good way to de-stress”

– “We all feel free to pitch in and voice our ideas and feelings”
– Non-judgmental atmosphere
– Secure sharing of confidential issues
– Offloading of emotional burdens whilst looking after complex difficult Lewin patients
– Discussion about our limits helps us step back and observe and think differently
– “Look forward to it during the week”
– Very good group facilitator
– Relaxed environment, easy to share
– Very caring, relaxed atmosphere. Great opportunity for ‘team building’

Physiotherapists – CUH Medical/DME/Stroke Rehab teams